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March 30, 2008

The worst computer viruses of all time.

If you haven’t experienced a computer virus yet, just wait — you probably will.

Fortunately, you missed the real heyday of computer viruses when anti-virus software wasn’t very widely used, and virus attacks caused millions of dollars in damages overnight. Today’s viruses can still be nightmarish, but for the average user, cleanup is considerably easier than it was just a few years ago, when the only solution in many cases was reformatting your hard drive and starting from scratch (and even that didn’t do the trick sometimes).

So join me on a trip down memory lane as we revisit some of the worst viruses of all time and count our blessings that our computers are still up and running despite it all. (Though, please note, “worst” is a matter of considerable debate in the security industry, as the number of infected machines and amount of financial loss is always estimated. If you think another virus was worse than these, please post it in the comments to remind us!)

The worst viruses of all timeBrain, 1986
It all started here: Brain was the first “real” virus ever discovered, back in 1986. Brain didn’t really hurt your PC, but it launched the malware industry with a bang and gave bad ideas to over 100,000 virus creators for the next 2 decades.

Michelangelo, 1991
The worst MS-DOS virus ever, Michelangelo attacked the boot sector of your hard drive and any floppy drive inserted into the computer, which caused the virus to spread rapidly. After spreading quietly for months, the virus “activated” on March 6, and promptly started destroying data on tens of thousands of computers.

Melissa, 1999
Technically a worm, Melissa (named after a stripper) collapsed entire email systems by causing computers to send mountains of messages to each other. The author of the virus was eventually caught and sentenced to 20 months in prison.

This was notable for being one of the first viruses to trick users into opening a file, which in this case claimed to be a love letter sent to the recipient. In reality, the file was a VBS script that sent mountains of junk mail and deleted thousands of files. The results were terribly devastating- one estimate holds that 10 percent of all computers were affected, to a cost of $5.5 billion. It remains perhaps the worst worm of all time.

Code Red, 2001
An early “blended threat” attack, Code Red targeted Web servers instead of user machines, defacing websites and later launching denial-of-service attacks on a host of IP addresses, including those of the White House.

Nimda, 2001
Built on Code Red’s attack system of finding multiple avenues into machines (email, websites, network connections, and others), Nimda infected both Web servers and user machines. It found paths into computers so effectively that, 22 minutes after it was released, it became the Internet’s most widespread virus at the time.

Klez, 2001
An email virus, Klez pioneered spoofing the “From” field in email messages it sent, making it impossible to tell if Bill Gates did or did not really send you that information about getting free money.

Slammer, 2003
Another fast spreader, this worm infected about 75,000 systems in just 10 minutes, slowing the Internet to a crawl (much like Code Red) and shutting down thousands of websites.

MyDoom, 2004
Notable as the fastest-spreading email virus of all time, MyDoom infected computers so they would, in turn, send even more junk mail. In a strange twist, MyDoom was also used to attack the website of SCO Group, a very unpopular company that was suing other companies over its code being used in Linux distributions.

Storm, 2007
The worst recent virus, Storm spread via email spam with a fake attachment and ultimately infected up to 10 million computers, causing them to join its zombie botnet.

Thanks to Symantec for helping to compile this list.

Ref: http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/null/87095

March 29, 2008

Solusi email alternatif pengganti Microsoft Outlook dan Exchange untuk perusahaan kecil dan menengah.

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Di era globalisasi ini setiap perusahaan kecil dan menengah paling tidak harus memiliki komunikasi email untuk berkembang sebagai pemain perusahaan global. Beberapa perusahaan kecil dan menengah yang sudah memiliki domain name (contoh: http://www.PerusahaanAnda.com) masih menggunakan email gratisan seperti Yahoo!, Gmail maupun Hotmail.

Apa pengaruh dari penggunaan email gratisan jika perusahaan anda sudah memiliki domain name (contoh: http://www.PerusahaanAnda.com)?

  1. Penggunaan email gratisan akan mencerminkan perusahaan anda tidak memiliki domain name.
  2. Jika perusahaan anda telah memiliki domain name dan wesbite (situs) dan masih juga menggunakan email gratisan, hal tersebut mencerminkan kurangnya pengertian dan penguasaan IT (Informasi Teknologi).
  3. Jika perusahaan anda telah memiliki domain name dan wesbite (situs) dan masih juga menggunakan email gratisan, hal tersebut mencerminkan komunikasi email hanya di kendalikan oleh satu atau dua orang saja.

Keuntungan dari singkronisasi email dan kalender (synchronize email and calendar) pada perusahaan kecil dan menengah.

Kebanyakan perusahaan menengah dan besar telah memiliki domain name dan website (situs), dan kebanyakan pula telah menggunakan email dengan domain name mereka sebagai media komunikasi elektronik (email) sebagai tanda perusahaan. Penggunaan email perusahaan dengan domain name perusahaan ibarat komunikasi dengan kop surat perusahaan yang resmi.

Microsoft outlook menguasai 90% pasar dari email klien yang digunakan di perusahaan menengah dan besar dan Microsoft Exchange menguasai 50% dari pada email exchanger pada server. Salah satu fungsi dari pada penggunaan Microsoft Exchange pada server adalah untuk mengatur singkronisasi email dan kalender (synchronize email and calendar) . Tanpa Microsoft Exchange email dan kalender yang digunakan di perusahaan anda tidak akan dapat ber-singkronisasi.

Microsoft Outlook Screenshot


Apakah sebuah perusahaan kecil menengah memerlukan fungsi singkronisasi email dan kalender? Kenapa tidak? Dengan fungsi singkronisasi email dan kalender perusahaan mendapatkan fungsi pengawasan, efektifitas dan efisiensi sebagai berikut:

  1. Email dapat di simpan (back-up) agar email yang penting tidak begitu saja dapat hilang. Sebagai contoh: jika A sudah tidak bekerja lagi di perusahaan anda, maka komunikasi email A dengan pembeli atau supplier penting anda akan dapat di simpan (back-up) dan di tampilan kembali (recovery).
  2. Email dapat di monitor, apakah email perusahaan anda di gunakan untuk hal di luar kepentingan perusahaan? Ingat email dengan domain name perusahaan anda adalah identitas dan reputasi anda, sama seperti penyalah gunaan kop surat perusahaan dapat berakibat fatal.
  3. Kalender sebagai fungsi komunikasi pertemuan (meeting) yang efektif. Dengan mudahnya kita dapat membuat janji pertemuan dengan kolega dengan hanya melihat kalender aktifitas dan kesibukan mereka.

Jika suatu perusahaan kecil menengah ingin menerapkan fungsi seperti yang dimiliki oleh Microsoft Exchange pada server untuk mengatur singkronisasi email dan kalender (synchronize email and calendar) maka sekarang ada solusi alternatif, yaitu Google Application. Gratis 100 email account yang dapat di hosting di Google.

Google Apps Home Page
Go to


Google Apps atau Google Applications dapat di kunjungi di http://www.google.com/a. Google apps menawarkan:

  • Gmail dengan domain perusahaan anda, Google Calendar and Google Talk
  • Google Docs, untuk menciptakan documents, spreadsheets and presentations

Pelajari Google Apps lebih lanjut untuk perusahaan anda di:

Informasi mengenai Google Apps pada waktu tulisan ini di terbitkan adalah benar. Spesifikasi dapat berubah sewaktu waktu, harap kunjungi http://www.google.com/a untuk ke-akurasi-an informasi.

Jika anda bingung membaca tulisan saya ini, tidak mengapa, itu berarti anda bukan orang IT. Teruskan saja (forward) artikel saya kepada mereka. Jika belum mengerti juga, anda bisa memecat orang IT gadungan anda :).

March 28, 2008

Barack Obama atau Hillary Clinton? Apa yang dunia maya (internet) katakan?

Sebagai seorang demokrat, saya tidak begitu ambil pusing siapakah yang menang; Hillary atau Obama. Yang penting untuk saya ialah partai demokrat (Amerika) menang.

Siang ini saya iseng untuk mengunjungi situs Barack Obama dan Hillary Clinton. Kedua situs ini memiliki design layout, isi dan info grafik yang baik dan di design secara professional. Apa yang internet katakan? Siapakah yang memenangkan simpati dari pada masyarakat dunia? Saya mengunjungi Alexa.com untuk men-check ranking lalu-lintas (traffic rank) mereka. Situs Obama menang di posisi ranking 2,65 8 (28 Maret 2008) dan Hillary di posisi ranking 10,198 (28 Maret 2008).

Barack Obama Website Traffic Ranking Check:


Hillary Clinton Website Traffic Ranking Check:


Eye’s Movement.

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This Newspaper has already been read. The eyes’ movements while reading were recorded, digitalized and then reproduced as a print-out. What emerges is an intimation of something that is actually an invisible process, namely reading; what remains behind is a trace of the intake of information. The result is a daily paper which has already been read – a complete and completely read Frankfurter Allgemeine, as it were. The paper was printed alongside a regular daily Frankfurter Allgemeine an in an identical manner using a rotary printing press. Kindly supported by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH, Frankfurter Societätsdruckerei GmbH and Hesse Ministry of Science and Art. Jochem Hendricks, “Newspaper”, 1994.

newspaper.jpg reading.jpg

Ref: http://www.doctorhugo.org/eyemovements/eyemovements.html 

Perbedaan Online Banking dan Online Payment Gateway. Amankah transaksi kartu kredit melalui internet?

Satu tahun yang lalu (Agustus 2007) saya menelpon hampir semua bank di Indonesia untuk menanyakan apakah mereka memiliki jasa online payment gateway? Hampir semua menjawab ya kami ada online banking pak, bapak bisa bertransaksi melalui internet. Dan hanya satu bank yang menjawab dengan benar yaitu BNI 46. Mereka menjawab: “Ya, kami memiliki online payment gateway“, mereka langsung memberikan saya nomor telpon NsiaPay.Mungkin dari pembaca disini juga belum mengerti apa perbedaan antara online banking dan online payment gateway?

Mari kita lihat perbedaan dasar antara online banking dan online payment gateway:


Online Banking

Online Payment Gateway

Hanya dapat di akses melalui situs bank tersebut dan hanya dapat di akses oleh nasabah bank tersebut

Dapat di akses dan di implementasikan di situs mechant (pedagang) mana saja yang memiliki online store

Pembelian atau transaksi terbatas hanya dengan apa yang ditawarkan oleh bank tersebut

Semua pemegang jenis kartu kredit dan tidak terbatas oleh satu bank saja dapat bertransaksi

Dapat memeriksa neraca (balance) rekening anda

Tidak dapat memeriksa neraca (balance) rekening anda


Online Banking

Online Payment Gateway

Keamanan (security) kunci enkripsi 128 bit atau 256 bit

Keamanan (security) kunci enkripsi 128 bit atau 256 bit

Internet Banking

Internet banking tidak memiliki shopping card dan hanya tersedia dengan menjadi nasabah bank tersebut. Tawaran pembelian barang-barang hanya terbatas dengan vendor / supplier yang sudah bekerja sama dengan bank tersebut.



Online Payment Gateway

Online payment gateway ini dapat di aplikasikan hampir di semua online store. Ciri khas nya adalah memiliki shopping cart dan check out page. Online payment gateway ini dapat menggunakan hampir semua kartu kredit dan tidak terbatas oleh nasabah atau jenis kartu kredit tertentu.


Penggunaan Online Payment Gateway di Indonesia sangat kurang.

Jaringan pita lebar (bandwidth) di Indonesia sedang meningkat, perusahaan seperti FirstMedia, BizNet dan TelkomSpeedy. Semakin banyak rumah rumah dan kantor yang mendapatkan akses jaringan pita lebar. ini baik untuk pertumbuhan globalisasi. Tetapi Indonesia masih jauh di belakang untuk aplikasi teknologi transaksi. Di luar negeri transaksi finansial melalui internet adalah hal yang biasa.

Seharusnya bangsa Indonesia mengoptimalkan jaringan pita lebar untuk koneksi intenet ini dengan baik, mengingat macetnya kota Jakarta. Dengan berbelanja dengan online payment gateway, pembeli dapat dengan nyaman dan aman melakukan transaksi.

Amankah transaksi kartu kredit melalui internet?

Ini ada artikel saduran mengenai keamanan internet security dari http://www.inet2000.com/public/encryption.htm. Maaf, saya tidak sempat untuk menerjemahkannya ke Bahasa Indonesia. Ada yang mau bantu? Mohon kirimkan terjemahanya ke blog@WanHart.com. Terima kasih atas bantuannya. Salam, WanHart.

Q: How secure is the encryption used by SSL?A: It would take significantly longer than the age of the universe to crack a 128-bit key.

SSL uses public-key encryption to exchange a session key between the client and server; this session key is used to encrypt the http transaction (both request and response). Each transaction uses a different session key so that even if someone did manage to decrypt a transaction, that would not mean that they would have found the server’s secret key; if they wanted to decrypt another transaction, they’d need to spend as much time and effort on the second transaction as they did on the first. Of course, they would have first have to have figured out some method of intercepting the transaction data in the first place, which is in itself extremely difficult. It would be significantly easier to tap your phone, or to intercept your mail to acquire your credit card number than to somehow intercept and decode Internet Data.

Q: How secure is the encryption used by SSL?A: It would take significantly longer than the age of the universe to crack a 128-bit key.

SSL uses public-key encryption to exchange a session key between the client and server; this session key is used to encrypt the http transaction (both request and response). Each transaction uses a different session key so that even if someone did manage to decrypt a transaction, that would not mean that they would have found the server’s secret key; if they wanted to decrypt another transaction, they’d need to spend as much time and effort on the second transaction as they did on the first. Of course, they would have first have to have figured out some method of intercepting the transaction data in the first place, which is in itself extremely difficult. It would be significantly easier to tap your phone, or to intercept your mail to acquire your credit card number than to somehow intercept and decode Internet Data.

Servers and browsers do encryption ranging from a 40-bit secretkey to a 128-bit secret key, that is to say ‘2 to the 40th power’ or ‘2 to the 128th power’. Many people have heard that 40-bit is insecure and that you need 128-bit to keep your credit card info safe. They feel that using a 40-bit key is insecure because it’s vulnerable to a “brute force” attack (basically trying each of the 2^40 possible keys until you find the one that decrypts the message). This was in fact demonstrated when a French researcher used a network of fast workstations to crack a 40-bit encrypted message in a little over a week. Of course, even this ‘vulnerability’ is not really applicable to applications like an online credit card transaction, since the transaction is completed in a few moments. If a network of fast computers takes a week to crack a 40-bit key, you’d be completed your transaction and long gone before the hacker even got started.

Of course, using a 128-bit key eliminates any problem at all because there are 2^128 instead of 2^40 possible keys. Using the same method (a networked of fast workstations) to crack a message encrypted with such a key would take significantly longer than the age of the universe using conventional technology. Remember that 128-bit is not just ‘three times’ as powerful as 40-bit encryption. 2^128 is ‘two times two, times two, times two…’ with 128 two’s. That is two, doubled on itself 128 times. 2^40 is already a HUGE number, about a trillion (that’s a million, million!). Therefor 2^128 is that number (a trillion), doubled over and over on itself another 88 times. Again, it would take significantly longer than the age of the universe to crack a 128-bit key.

Key Size

Possible Key Combinations
2-bit 2^2 2×2 = 4
3-bit 2^3 2×2×2 = 8
4-bit 2^4 2×2×2×2 = 16
5-bit 2^5 2×2×2×2×2 = 32
6-bit 2^6 2×2×2×2×2×2 = 64
7-bit 2^7 2×2×2×2×2×2×2 = 128
8-bit 2^8 2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2 = 256
9-bit 2^9 2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2 = 512
10-bit 2^10 2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2 = 1024
11-bit 2^11 2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2… = 2048
12-bit 2^12 2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2… = 4096
16-bit 2^16 2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2… = 65536
24-bit 2^24 2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2… = 16.7 million
30-bit 2^30 2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2… = 1 billion (1,073,741,800)
40-bit 2^40 2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2… = 1 trillion (1,097,728,000,000)
56-bit 2^56 2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2…. = 72 thousand quadrillion (71,892,000,000,000,000)
128-bit 2^128 2 multiplied by 2128 times over. = 339,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000(give or take a couple trillion…)

Doing the math, you can see that using the same method that was used to break 40-bit encryption in a week, it would take about 72 million weeks (about 1.4 million years) to even break ‘56-bit medium’ encryption and significantly longer than the age of the universe to crack a 128-bit key. Of course the argument is that computers will keep getting faster, about doubling in power every 18 months. That is true, but even when computers are a million times faster than they are now (about 20 years from now if they double in speed every year), it would then still take about 6 thousand, trillion years, which is about a million times longer than the Earth has been around. Plus, simply upgrading to 129-bit encryption would take twice as long, and 130-bit would take twice as long again. As you can see, it’s far easier for the encryption to keep well ahead of the technology in this case. Simply put, 128-bit encryption is totally secure.

Q: How do I know if encryption is enabled or not?A: Your Browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer) will tell you.

In Netscape versions 3.X and earlier you can tell what kind of encryption is in use for a particular document by looking at the “document” information” screen accessible from the file menu. The little key in the lower left-hand corner of the Netscape window also indicates this information. A solid key with three teeth means 128-bit encryption, a solid key with two teeth means 40-bit encryption, and a broken key means no encryption. Even if your browser supports 128-bit encryption, it may use 40-bit encryption when talking to other servers or to servers outside the U.S. and Canada. In Netscape versions 4.X and higher, click on the “Security” button to determine whether the current page is encrypted, and, if so, what level of encryption is in use. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, a solid padlock will appear on the bottom right of the screen when encryption is in use. To determine whether 40-bit or 128-bit encryption is in effect, open the document information page using File->Properties. This will indicate whether “weak” or “strong” encryption is in use.

Q: What about warnings or errors about the Secure Certificate?A: Your personal Security settings will determine what warnings you see.

Depending on how your security settings are setup in your Browser, you may also see information about our Certificate when you enter the secure directories. This information will usually include the Dates that the Certificate is valid for, the site name that the Certificate has been issued to, and the Certificate Authority (or ‘CA’) that issued the Certificate. You can also usually view the Certificate to see information about the various parties, including Inet2000 and our CA.The most common warning is that you have not previously chosen to Trust the authority. This is a normal warning if you haven’t already purchased anything online from a Merchant who’s certificate was issued by a Certificate Authority that you haven’t told your browser to trust from now on. Of course, you may well have no errors, warnings or information screens at all – again, largely depending on the way you’ve got your security settings set in your Browser.In any case, the encryption level and the security is the same whether you’ve got your settings low (don’t warn me about anything) or very high (warn and inform me about everything). Either way, your data is still encrypted and still secure.

Q: What happens when the Credit Card is actually processed.A: The transaction is totally secure.

At Inet2000, the security of your personal information is paramount. All Credit Card Transactions are completed using a 128 Bit SSL Encrypted Secure Transaction. As we transmit the information to the Bank’s Secure SSL Server, they require a 128-bit transaction and will not process a transaction without one. Even though 40 or 56 Bit transactions are very secure, our Bank’s insistence on 128 Bit SSL means that there is never any chance of your information every being intercepted or decoded. Again, your security is of paramount importance for us.If you have any questions or concerns, please email them to info@inet2000.com and we’ll be pleased to help you out. -)

March 27, 2008

Adam Air. Air Crash Investigation.

Misteri Jatuhnya AdamAir di Majene Terjawab

Selasa, 25 Maret 2008 | 12:54 WIB

JAKARTA, SELASA – Terkuak sudah penyebab jatuhnya pesawat AdamAir jurusan Jakarta-Surabaya-Manado di perairan Majene, Sulawesi Barat, 1 Januari 2007 lalu. Awalnya, alat navigasi pesawat atau yang dikenal sebagai Internal Reference System (IRS) rusak. Kedua pilot terkonsentrasi memperbaiki kerusakan dan lupa memerhatikan instrumen yang lain. Mereka tidak menyadari pesawat miring dan turun mendekati laut. Mereka baru sadar dua menit sebelum pesawat pecah menabrak laut. Terlambat. Tidak ada yang bisa dilakukan. Seluruh penumpang dan awak yang berjumlah 102 hilang dan dianggap tewas.

Demikian hasil kesimpulan Komisi Nasional Keselamatan Transportasi (KNKT) yang disampaikan kepada wartawan di Gedung Departemen Perhubungan, Jakarta, Selasa (25/3). Anggota KNKT Mardjono menerangkan, kerusakan IRS terjadi dalam 13 menit terakhir penerbangan, sebelum pesawat jatuh. Kerusakan ini mengalihkan perhatian kedua pilot dari flight instrumen.

Hasil rekaman Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) menunjukkan, mulanya pesawat telah terbang dengan bantuan instrumen kemudi otomatis. Namun, penanganan terhadap IRS yang dilakukan tidak sesuai dengan panduan, sehingga kemudi otomatis pesawat menjadi tidak berfungsi. Pesawat pun mulai miring.

“Karena miringnya hanya satu derajat per detik, jadi tak terasa. Autopilot disconnect dan alarm berbunyi ‘Not..not..not’. Mereka sempat mematikan alarm tersebut karena terlalu fokus pada IRS. Ini biasa. Jadi tidak bisa dikatakan human error, hanya kinerjanya yang error. Kinerja sebagai manusia darat yang harus terbang. Kalau di darat, prosedur mereka sudah benar. Tapi berbeda halnya jika dia berada di udara,” terang Mardjono.

Sementara itu, Ketua KNKT Tatang Kurniadi menambahkan, setelah pesawat miring ke kanan melewati 35 derajat, alaram berbunyi. Pesawat terus miring hingga 100 derajat dan situasi sudah tidak bisa dikendalikan lagi. “Pesawat miring daya angkatnya memang kurang. Padahal dia (pilot) melakukan recover baru setelah hidung pesawat nunduk 60 derajat. Apalagi dengan kecepatan yang mach 0,926 kecepatan suara. Oleh karena itu, pecahan badan pesawat terbesar yang ditemukan hanya dua meter. Sebab saat menabrak laut itulah, pesawat terpecah,” jelasnya.(BOB)

Di sadur dari: http://www.kompas.com/read.php?cnt=.xml.2008.03.25.12545960&channel=1&mn=1&idx=1


Kata-kata Terakhir Pilot AdamAir (2)

Salah Satu Pesawat Boeing 737 milik AdamAir
Kamis, 27 Maret 2008 | 07:36 WIB

JAKARTA, KAMIS- Ada fakta-fakta baru mengenai jatuhnya pesawat AdamAir 1 Januari 2007 lalu, meskipun itu yang muncul dari luar Komite Nasional Keselamatan Transportasi (KNKT).

Pengamat transportasi Agus Pambagyo yang juga pernah mendengarkan isi cockpit voice recorder (CVR) saat mendatangi National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB/KNKT©nya Amerika Serikat) di AS tahun lalu mengatakan, apa yang diuraikan oleh Ketua KNKT Tatang Kurniadi, Selasa lalu benar adanya.

“Tapi ada kata-kata yang kurang dalam percakapan dua pilot. Setelah salah satu pilot mengatakan “jangan dibelokin, jangan dibelokin,” tiba-tiba ada suara seperti benda pecah, lalu seorang lagi berteriak “Allahu Akbar”. Lalu semuanya terdiam,” kata Agus Pambagyo dalam percakapannya dengan Persda Network di Jakarta, Rabu (26/3)

Agus mengaku tidak tahu siapa yang menyebut Allahu Akbar, tapi jelasnya, kata-kata itu sangat jelas terdengar dari VCR. Seperti diberitakan, KNKT memaparkan kecelakaan pesawat AdamAir bernomor penerbangan DHI 574 itu akibat kerusakan alat navigasi IRS (Internal Reference System). Kedua pilot memfokuskan pada perbaikan IRS dan lupa pada instrumen lain, sehingga tidak tahu pesawat Kedua pilot memfokuskan pada perbaikan IRS dan lupa pada instrumen lain, sehingga tidak tahu pesawat sedang menghujam ke laut.(Persda Network/Hendra Gunawan)

Di sadur dari: http://www.kompas.com/read.php?cnt=.xml.2008.03.27.07365264&channel=1&mn=1&idx=1

March 26, 2008

Keliling dunia dalam satu hari dengan berlangganan RSS.

previewsmall.jpg Setiap harinya saya berkeliling dunia dalam satu hari. Di pagi hari jam 07:30 saya mulai dari Jakarta (Kompas RSS Feed: http://www.kompas.com/rssfeed.php), pada hari yang sama juga yaitu pada jam 08:00 saya berada di London (BBC News RSS Feed: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/help/3223484.stm), lalu pada jam 09:00 saya berada di San Francisco, tempat dimana saya kuliah dulu (San Francisco Chronicle RSS Feed: http://www.sfgate.com/rss dan News.com RSS Feed: http://www.news.com/RSS-feeds-from-CNET-News.com/2009-1090_3-980549.html?tag=pre_ft), selanjutnya pada jam 10:00 saya berada di New York (CNN RSS Feed: http://edition.cnn.com/services/rss dan MSNBC.com RSS Feed: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5216556/. Sekembalinya saya dari kantor, pada jam 19:00 saya berada di Mountain View, California (Google Blog RSS Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/dtKx).

Pasti anda sudah sedikitnya dapat menebak apa yang saya maksud; yaitu dunia virtual (dunia maya) yang kita sebut Internet. Saat saat ini waktu yang saya pergunakan untuk berselancar di Internet sehari hari adalah untuk email dan berita berita terbaru dari manca negara.Jika saya menjelajah internet dan menemukan situs yang saya sukai akan saya tandai dengan bookmark. Bookmark atau tanda buku saya bertambah terus menerus seiring dengan berjalannya waktu, tanpa saya sadari tanda buku saya telah mencapai lebih dari 300 tanda buku.

Dengan kesibukan saya sehari hari saya tidak mau menghabiskan waktu untuk mengunjungi dengan tanda buku saya tersebut terkecuali untuk email dan situs berita berita yang saya gemari.Layout yang dibuat baik dalam media cetak maupun media elektronik memiliki berbagai tingkatan, ada yang dimuat di halaman utama atas, ada yang dibawah dan ada yang hanya ditempatkan di kolom kecil bagian kanan, kiri atau bawah.

Seperti hal-nya di SuperMarket, di mana barang barang yang di letakan di tempat yang sejajar oleh mata (eye level shelf) adalah produk yang paling sering dan paling banyak di lihat orang. Barang barang yang terletak di tingkat bawah (foot level shelf) seringkali terabaikan. Tendensi penglihatan kita selalu tertuju kepada hal-hal yang utama atau besar, seringkali hal-hal yang kecil tapi menarik untuk dibaca terlewati.

Terima kasih untuk Google reader, saya berlangganan melalui RSS untuk isi dari 45 situs kesukaan saya ke ‘depan pintu rumah’ saya. Bayangkan jika anda harus membuka 45 situs kesukaan anda dengan multi-tab FireFox, belum lagi di hadapkan dengan iklan iklan yang akan mengambil perhatian dan bandwidth anda.


Bukan hanya itu saja, tetapi dengan Google reader, semua isi melalui RSS yang ada di dalam media elektronik dapat di salurkan dalam bentuk teks dan di sortir dengan tanggal terbit dan bukan di halaman yang tersembunyi. Judul (headline) pun memiliki besar huruf yang sama sehingga mata kita dapat memilih bukan berdasarkan dengan apa yang editor ingin kita baca atau apa yang editor pikir lebih menjual melainkan kita dapat memilih judul yang sesuai dengan keinginan hati dan pikiran kita.

Apa itu RSS? RSS adalah singkatan dari Really Simple Syndication. RSS adalah format dari web feed (penyalur web) yang digunakan untuk menyalurkan dan meng-update isi. RSS dapat dibaca dengan menggunakan RSS reader, dalam hal ini saya menggunakan Google reader. Dengan Google Reader, setiap saya mengunjungi situs yang menarik, saya akan mencari RSS yang biasanya diwakili dengan simbol seperti dibawah ini atau dengan simbol simbol lainnya yang anda dapat lihat di sini: http://www.rssicongallery.com


Mari kita keliling dunia dalam satu hari dengan mencari tanda berlangganan melalui RSS. Dengan menggunakan Google reader dan RSS, kita semua dapat keliling dunia dan mendapatkan berita berita menarik. ‘Karpet terbang’ bukan lagi jadi isapan jempol.

Bill Gates is hanging out with the chairman of General Motors.

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Bill Gates is hanging out with the chairman of General Motors.

“If automotive technology had kept pace with computer technology over the past few decades,” boasts Gates, “you would now be driving a V-32 instead of a V-8, and it would have a top speed of 10,000 miles per hour. Or, you could have an economy car that weighs 30 pounds and gets a thousand miles to a gallon of gas. In either case, the sticker price of a new car would be less than $50.”

“Sure,” says the GM chairman. “But would you really want to drive a car that crashes four times a day?”


Q: What did Gates’ wife say to him on their wedding night?
A: Now I know why you called your company Micro-soft.


Q: What is the first computer ever invented?
A: Apple. Coz in the garden of Eden, Eve already touched & ate the apple.

March 25, 2008

U.S. says missile parts mistakenly sent to Taiwan

I can’t help to post this news. It’s so outrageous and it made me think that anything is possible now. I hope someone mistakenly send me EUR 1 Billion. Well if DOD (Department of Defense) can mistakenly send a big, obvious and conspicuous thing smuggle right under their nose, now this could be possible: I believe EUR 1 Billion can be mistakenly send to me as well. Cheers – Irwan.

Ref: http://edition.cnn.com/2008/US/03/25/taiwan.missiles/index.html?eref=edition

U.S. says missile parts mistakenly sent to Taiwan

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The U.S. Defense Department accidentally shipped non-nuclear ballistic missile components to Taiwan, the Pentagon said Tuesday.
A U.S. Defense Department image of the missile components it says were accidentally shipped to Taiwan.

Four nose-cone fuses for intercontinental ballistic missiles were shipped instead of helicopter batteries that Taiwan had requested, Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne said.

The fuses were shipped to Taiwan in the fall of 2006 and kept in a warehouse there. The Taiwanese military informed the United States last week about their presence on the island.

“There are no nuclear or fissile materials associated with these items,” Wynne said. “The United States is making all appropriate notifications in the spirit of candor and openness in an effort to avoid any misunderstanding.”

An investigation is under way, he added.

“In an organization as large as DOD, the largest and most complex in the world, there will be mistakes. But they can not be tolerated in the arena in strategic systems, whether they are nuclear or only associated equipment, as was in this case,” Principal Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Ryan Henry said.

He said the parts were 1960s technology, designed for use with Minuteman ballistic missiles.

Officials said China, which considers Taiwan to be a renegade province, has been notified about the mistake.

Wynne said the missile components were first shipped from F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming to Hill Air Force Base in Utah in 2005.

On arrival at Hill, they should have been placed in the classified storage section, Wynne said, but were instead moved to a storage area for unclassified items.

He said stocks at the Utah base should be checked quarterly and a key part of the investigation will be determining how those checks did not turn up the missile parts before they were shipped to Taiwan.

Ref: http://edition.cnn.com/2008/US/03/25/taiwan.missiles/index.html?eref=edition

Pelatihan Komprehensif Sumber Daya Manusia.


Tidak banyak pusat pelatihan yang meluncurkan program pelatihan menyeluruh yang universal. Arti universal dalam hal ini adalah tidak mengakar kepada suatu kultur, melainkan mengakar kepada suatu ilmu praktis disiplin yang dapat di implementasikan dalam segala hal dan untuk semua pribadi.

Jika anda merasakan anda harus lebih banyak meningkatkan performa diri, baik dalam cara berpikir, tingkat ketenangan batin (hati), kesehatan jasmaniah (dengan cara menjaga gaya hidup), tingkat kreatifitas dan aktifitas, maka pelatihan komprehensif kami; Mind, Heart, Body, Hand and Foot dapat membantu anda.

Pelajari lebih lanjut untukpelatihan komprehensif kami; Mind, Heart, Body, Hand and Foot di http://HR.WanHart.com.

March 23, 2008

Mobile and Wireless – The 10 Most Dangerous New Technologies

Cutting edge technologies offer the hope of a better world, potentially bringing welcome solutions to everything from disease to environmental damage. But these same technologies can also bring danger, by aiding criminals and terrorists, invading personal privacy and even potentially creating diseases and damaging the environment. By Jim Rapoza. Illustrations by Brian Moore.



Nanotech – Nanotechnology has the potential to be the most important and ground breaking technology of all time, offering everything from the cure to diseases to fixing the global environment. It could also be used to create diseases and destroy the environment.




RFID – What could be wrong with a simple little radio tag that helps businesses manage supplies? Well, if one thinks of “people” as supplies and “manage” as track everywhere they go, then the potential for damage can get pretty high. There are even some fringe groups that think that RFID is the Biblical number of the beast.




Artificial Intelligence – From Joshua to Skynet to the Matrix, if Hollywood has taught us one thing it is that when the apocalypse comes, it will be caused by an artificial intelligence that has decided humankind’s time is up. But AI doesn’t need to go that far to be dangerous. When AI finally does start to work, it’s a good bet that people will use it in areas where the smartest and safest course would be to stick with human intuition.




Mobile payment – Isn’t it great that you can pay for things just by clicking your cell phone at a kiosk or vending machine? Or, put another way, isn’t it great that you pay for things from an unsecured device that is hooked into possibly multiple networks that themselves have limited security? The possibilities for massive theft and fraud in this area must even tempt honest hackers.




Digital Identities – Efforts to create a single sign-on digital identity system for the entire Web have tended to have the best interests of consumers at heart, with lots of protections for user information and privacy. But if one of these systems becomes ubiquitous it will only be a matter of time until lots of sites and companies work to make digital identities more “convenient”, which will lead to compromised security and identity theft on a massive scale.




Web OS – What’s the nightmare that’s been keeping Microsoft execs awake at night for years now? That everything will transfer to the web, from business applications to personal data to games, and no one will care what the underlying operating system is. But while there are a lot of positive gains from the arrival of the Web as Operating System, imagine what a tempting target it will be for bad guys when all the applications and data of every business and user is on Web systems (which will inevitably be centralized due to competition). And you think people freaked out when Salesforce.com went down for a few hours.




GPS – Global Positioning Systems have been a boon to lost drivers, hikers and boaters, not to mention the many businesses and governments that have benefited from the technology. But GPS has also been used as a tool for stalkers and as GPS capabilities become increasingly integrated into products and vehicles they could also easily be used by criminals and oppressive governments.




Networked-Computerized Cars – To many people in technology, the idea of having computers control more of the vital functions of a car is bad enough (no one wants a Blue Screen of Death while they’re going 65 MPH on the highway). But when you tie these same computer systems into cell, Bluetooth and other potentially open networks, the potential for things to go wrong multiplies quickly. No wonder people are so nostalgic for old muscle cars.




Anonymity Tools – Anonymity tools are a vital resource in the pursuit of freedom and privacy around the world, making it possible for dissidents in oppressive countries to fight for freedom and also letting web users surf without the fear of privacy invasions. But these same tools can also be used by criminals and terrorists seeking to avoid detection.




Cybernetic Implants – For many people in the world, cybernetic implants offer the promise of restored sight, hearing and mobility, and for those on the bleeding edge of technology they show the way to an improved human race. However, the potential for abuse of these technologies can be scary, from everything to super-soldier military implants to privacy invading government and corporate implants to just the plain fact that something as unreliable as computing technology is being placed into a human body.

Reference: http://etech.eweek.com/slideshow/index.php?directory=dangertech&kc=EWKNLBOE032208FEA1

March 22, 2008

Blogger. The rise of the opportunist.

emacs_tetris.pngI am a believer of opportunities. I believe we should live and work like a TETRIS game. One should be able to identify, recognize and spot an opportunity. If one stick to an idea, just like in a tetris game, he or she will be game over.

A good blogger should be able to identify, recognize and spot the trend or buzz surrounding their community issues. Are you the one? If yes, go and write about it. There are few of a good free blogging site or provider. You may try these free blogging site or provider:

  1. WordPress : http://www.WordPress.com
  2. Blogger: http://www.Blogger.com
  3. Multiply: http://www.Multiply.com
  4. Live Journal: http://www.LiveJournal.com

Will opportunist be able to identify, recognize and spot in business? I am not so sure, but this is what I am sure of; by using and training your brain to identify, recognize and spot an opportunity, you are increasing your chance to fill any business opportunity and exposures. Start writing and posting. Let the readers decide how good you are.

Mac OS, what’s holding me back?

Mac OS is an alternative for alternatives without an alternative, switching away from Microsoft Windows to Mac OS will make me stuck with Apple hardware. Is this enough reason to switch from Windows to Mac OS? Certainly not.

  1. I love Mac OS interface. Who doesn’t? But it’s not enough reasons for me to switch to Mac OS and here are some of the reasons:
    • Using Mac OS is like using an exclusive technology. Apple’s Mac OS only have 5% of the market share, that’s mean that you are a handicap to the 95% of the technology. You wouldn’t want that.
    • Using Mac OS is like using an exclusive technology. It means that once you’ve stuck with the beauty and the user friendly user interface, you would not want to use Windows anymore. This is not helping our career moves, is it? You would not be useful or worth hiring for again, because most Mac OS users will keep whining how great is the user interface and how suck is the Windows. Who want to hire a whiner?
    • Using Mac OS is like using an exclusive software and hardware. Try to find the softwares and the hardware’s spare parts for Apple machine, you wont find the alternatives, the softwares are very limited.
  2. I hate Windows Vista user interface. Who doesn’t? But it’s not enough reasons for me to switch to Mac OS and here are some of the reasons:
    • Using Windows Vista is like using a beta technology. It’s always crashes and it’s hard to use. People say when you can master the difficult one, the easy one is like a walk in the park. Beside, Windows have the 95% of the market share. I stick with the winner.
    • Using Windows Vista is like using a beta technology. You may be stuck with the ugly duckling, but majority of the people can afford it and they use it personally and in a corporate world.
    • Using Windows Vista is like using a beta technology with so many softwares and hardwares galore. Viva (suck) Windows.

The Next E90 Nokia Communicator. What is it going to be?


I have been using Nokia E90 since August 2007 and I was glad that the successor of Nokia 9500 and Nokia 9300i was finally had Vibration for silent call and Radio to fight my boredom while waiting for my business clients. The GPS is not much of a help though.I hope the next E90 Nokia Communicator would have:
  1. Sending Option, so I can schedule my sms when to be delivered, just like my previous communicator; Nokia 9500 and Nokia 9300i.
  2. Faster processor for faster processing power. I love Symbian OS and I hope to see more processing power.
  3. Slimmer device. Yes, slimmer please, it’s quite hefty you know.

If I don’t see those improvement in the next Nokia Communicator device, I would not want to spend premium price anymore, I would rather wait for Nokia E71 for the same features but slimmer and lighter.

March 21, 2008

Dulu diabaikan, sekarang tidak lagi.


Saya tinggal di bilangan Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat dan setiap kali saya melewati perempatan Tomang, saya tidak pernah “ngeh”, “aware” atau sadar bahwa hotel Twin Plaza hadir tinggi menjulang di sebelah kiri atau di sebelah kanan saya jika saya dalam perjalanan pulang.

Daya pikat dari Hotel Twin Plaza sekarang sudah ditingkatkan, sekarang jika saya melewati jalan Slipi, saya dengan mudah dapat aware bahwa di sebelah kanan saya ada Hotel Twin Plaza yang menjulang tinggi. Papan nama Hotel Twin Plaza dipasang di atas gedung, gradasi warna di gunakan pada lis setiap lantai agar menarik perhatian dari jauh. gedung hotel ini dapat terlihat dan memikat dari jarak 1KM.

Suatu minggu malam, saya melewati perempatan Tomang dan di luar kebiasaan ada kemacetan yang luar biasa, ternyata kemacetan yang luar biasa ini di timbulkan dari pesta pernikahan yang diadakan di Hotel Twin Plaza. Dulu diabaikan, sekarang tidak lagi.

Bagaimana dengan Daya Tarik dan Daya Bius dari Hotel Twin Plaza ini? Saya pribadi kurang begitu suka dengan interior decoration mereka. Tapi saya belum pernah menginap di sana. Saya ingin mendengarkan bagaimana menurut anda?

Silahkan masukan comment anda mengenai Hotel Twin Plaza di blog ini. Terima kasih.


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