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February 22, 2008

My Dream Mobile Phone

These are some features that most of mobile manufacturers have not think of or they may have think about it.

  • Auto Select (Rule Generator).
    Sure some of the mobile device already have some of this dual mode (GSM and CDMA) that can accommodate more then one mobile number in one device.
    Many of mobile operators offer “special offers”, mostly they offered discounted talk-time or sms (text) based on their marketing strategies. I wish we can set a rule on our mobile phone for some numbers, so that when we call the particular number, the phone can call based on assigned operator (GSM or CDMA) to save cost by taking advantage of the particular mobile operator special offers.
  • Built-in BlackBerry Connect or Push Mail
  • FM Radio
  • TV Tuner
  • 8 Mega Pixels Camera
  • 30GB built-in storage
  • Micro SD expansion memory
  • Fast processor (yes, this is very important)
  • Office applications (Microsoft compatible)
  • Quad Band, UMTS and 4G
  • Speech text recognition for faster SMS (text) typing
  • Voice enabled dial
  • World GPS enabled
  • Video Players (DVD, MP4 and many more)
  • Music Players
  • NO Windows Mobile
  • Symbian or Palm OS
  • WiFi a/b/g/n
  • BlueTooth
  • T9 Predictive text
  • 16.7 million colors
  • Phone battery that can last 7 days talk-time
  • Support ANY security modules for secure financial transaction
  • More then one mobile phone fields per person in contacts

February 21, 2008

Windows Mobile? No, thank you.

I’ve used Pocket PC and later on changed it’s name to Windows Mobile 5 and 6. What was Microsoft thinking? Didn’t they figure it out that many users nowadays have more then one mobile phones?Version 6 already and they still could not figure it out to put more then one mobile phone field on one contact. If my friend have more then once mobile phone (yes, more then one, GSM and CDMA), I have to choose which one is it to be input into the fields. Is it going to be on car phone field or is it on pager field? This is silly Microsoft! More and more business travelers carry more then one mobile phone, one is for their home mobile phone and one is for the visited country (using prepaid GSM or CDMA card).

I am into Symbian OS, they’ve figured out that some users have more then one mobile phone. With Symbian (Nokia, Sony Ericsson), I can easily add extra fields on email and particularly on extra mobile phone field.

If Windows Mobile wants a bigger market share, they have to start to think about what users (people) needs.



If you disagree with me, please email me at blog(at)wanhart(at)com Windows Mobile 6 contact (on edit mode) screen shots on how to add more mobile field in one contact. On the other hand, for Nokia and Sony Ericsson users, please email me the contact screen shots (on edit mode) and show me how to add mobile field in one contact. Thank you.