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October 5, 2008

SMS? What is SMS?

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SMS? What is SMS? will be the question people ask around 2015. Since the birth of the internet with it’s Yahoo and Google,  the next big, subtle and exciting thing is the convergence of email and SMS. Like paging device and services, SMS will be the way of the past, push email will replace the functionality of SMS.

One with argue that people still want to send a short message instead a long one, sure. But the short messenging services (SMS) urges will be replaced by built-in or a third party’s Mobile Instant Messaging. Agile Messenger, Frind and Nimbuzz just to name a few.

Blackberry started with push email, they thought it would be a good idea to push your email to your mobile device even the price of mobile bandwidth was still expensive. With lower and lower price, mobile data (per kb) has become quite affordable and push email started make financial sense.

I am using Telkomsel (www.telkomsel.com) GSM and their price for mobile data had gone down from Rp12/kb to Rp5/kb (as per September 2008). Axis (www.AxisWorld.co.id) offered Rp0.1/kb. My daily email average about 30 emails/day, each email average about 3kb/email. That’s about 30 emails X 3kb/email X Rp5/kb = Rp 450/day; it’s Rp 13,500/month! BlackBerry Connect cost Rp 180,000/month. Go figure!

iPhone and Nokia smartphones already incorporated easier user interface and easier email setting wizard for Yahoo! or Gmail. In the next near distance future, a 6 year old kid or a 70 year old woman can sign up their own email via their mobile device with less then three clicks.

In 2015, when you ask people about SMS: SMS? What is SMS?