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March 22, 2008

The Next E90 Nokia Communicator. What is it going to be?


I have been using Nokia E90 since August 2007 and I was glad that the successor of Nokia 9500 and Nokia 9300i was finally had Vibration for silent call and Radio to fight my boredom while waiting for my business clients. The GPS is not much of a help though.I hope the next E90 Nokia Communicator would have:
  1. Sending Option, so I can schedule my sms when to be delivered, just like my previous communicator; Nokia 9500 and Nokia 9300i.
  2. Faster processor for faster processing power. I love Symbian OS and I hope to see more processing power.
  3. Slimmer device. Yes, slimmer please, it’s quite hefty you know.

If I don’t see those improvement in the next Nokia Communicator device, I would not want to spend premium price anymore, I would rather wait for Nokia E71 for the same features but slimmer and lighter.